Data room providers which meet all security requirements

In recent years, the volume of electronic information has long exceeded the volume of paper media. Thus, ensuring the enterprise’s information security is carried out using data room software. This article will consider how software providers meet security standards.

Virtual data room security

It is impossible to imagine the life of a modern company without a well-developed corporate network that ensures the constant exchange of business information, regardless of users‘ location. Ensuring the security of any company’s activities is implemented by creating a protection system – a well-thought-out set of measures and means to identify and eliminate various types of threats. 

Therefore, modern companies use innovative virtual data rooms to secure business deals. The use of digital data room for organizing business transactions is one of the most effective methods of protecting the corporate information of an enterprise. Data room provides comprehensive protection against data leaks from corporate computers, servers, and virtual environments. Following, a rich arsenal of methods for controlling transmitted and stored data allows you to effectively solve the problems of preventing information leaks, monitoring confidential data transfer operations, and detecting store policy violations. They are as follows:

  • Full real-time control

Maximum coverage of potential channels of information leakage, combined with the possibility of free user access to devices and network communications. The ability to block only attempts to transmit protected information based on real-time verification of the content of transmitted data.

  • Distributed event archive

Ability to create a hierarchy of storage servers. The management server consolidation feature allows you to ensure that all logs from remote servers are collected to a designated central management and storage server (master server).

  • Data control

The component performs content analysis and filtering of data transmitted through local and network communication channels. Analysis of the content of the transmitted data is performed in real-time directly on the controlled computer and does not depend on the connection to the corporate infrastructure.

What are the security requirements?

Today, these data rooms are usually virtual, located in the cloud, and therefore accessible online at any time. As a result, it significantly simplifies the risk assessment required for transactions and makes it significantly cheaper. In addition, automatic control instruments ensure the necessary safety. For this reason, companies no longer only use virtual data rooms for due diligence checks but use them extensively, for example, in a large construction or engineering projects. According to certain rules, those involved exchanging and processing plans, invoices, logs, or other documents.

Moreover, the data upload or the creation of folders are always encrypted. The same applies to creating and changing passwords. The encryption takes place locally on your computer. In addition, a secure data room provider is equipped with the latest virus scanners and firewalls. Furthermore, they are certified as a provider according to ISO 27001 – this standard specifies the requirements for establishing, implementing, and maintaining documented information security management systems.

The most secure data room vendors

The global market for data room systems is very diverse and replete with many companies offering their solutions. Among them are firms that have long established themselves in the market, as well as little-known ones and many eminent brands that have only relatively recently introduced their solution in this segment of software solutions.

So, the list of the most preferred data room vendors offering the highest security standards includes the following options:

  1. iDeals
  2. Intralinks
  3. Firmex
  4. Securedocs
  5. Box
  6. Drooms
  7. Onehub
  8. Merill
  9. DealRoom