5 of the Best Android Phones You Can Buy

The article presents the results of an empirical study that proves that in the modern youth environment, the cell phone has become a means of presenting the personality traits of an individual. This communication device, as well as its properties and characteristics, in the modern youth environment have come to be associated with the socially significant qualities of device owners.

Why Is It Important to Buy a Good Phone?

Modern young people, by the appearance of a cell phone, are able to assess the socially significant characteristics of its owner, and the owner often chooses a cell phone based on the need to form a certain image of himself in the eyes of others.

The situation is such that Samsung’s flagships have become uncompromising solutions on Android. The main reasons are Huawei’s problems and a sharp rise in the price of top Xiaomi models, and LG and Sony have not been able to impose competition.

Currently, the appearance, technical characteristics of the phone, all its content (from music, pictures, and screensavers to the content of SMS messages recorded in the phone’s memory), finally, the manner of its use – all this helps young people to declare themselves, to emphasize certain personal qualities, all this turned into symbols that help young people to communicate non-verbally.

Western scientists are primarily interested in the very fact of the emergence of technology, which makes it possible to communicate remotely without time and space restrictions, as well as the manner of handling a cell phone, the possibility of demonstrative public communication with its help, and not at all how an individual is perceived after correlation and adjustment. his image in the eyes of others in accordance with the specific features and properties of his Android phone.

Our research concerns not only the “manner” of using a thing, but also the phenomenon itself, when not only the possession of a thing and its use are significant, readable symbols, but the very characteristics of the thing are included in the process of the individual presenting himself and evaluating him by others.

The Best 5 Android Phones You Can Buy

  1. Realme C3.
  2. Xiaomi Redmi 9.
  3. Xiaomi Poco M3.
  4. Samsung Galaxy S20.
  5. Oneplus nord.

However, as the study showed, sometimes people themselves, unwillingly, disclose information that was not part of their plans to make it public. And although the overwhelming majority of informants perceive the characteristics of a cell phone as symbols of socially significant qualities of its owner, informants do not always realize that they themselves are the object of close attention to their cell phones by their peers.

According to our observations, most of the respondents do not knowingly use a cell phone in order to construct their own image, but at the same time participate in the exchange of non-verbal messages using a cell phone, which can lead to failures in self-presentation communication.

Research devoted directly to self-presentation using Android phones also represents a study of a slightly different aspect of self-presentation than that which will be presented in this article. For example, a study is known in which it is considered how the transformation of the private and public space/time of an individual, which occurred under the influence of mobile communication technology, reorganizes and re-constructs the self-identity of telephone users (through the displacement of social fields in space and time and their overlap: earlier the individual shared the image of himself at work, at home, and with friends, but now the cell phone destroys spatial-belt boundaries).