Best Blogging Platform

In our time of continuous technical progress, there is active development and change in various aspects of our lives in terms of ever more informatization and expansion of communication. Such changes have contributed, among other things, to the development of blogging, that is, activities related to blogging. Blog – diary entries created on a personal page on the Internet with the expectation of third-party readers who can leave their comments, enter into a discussion, etc.

The Importance of Blogging in the Modern World

If initially, blogs were just diary entries, then gradually they acquired different forms, becoming, for example, one of the subtypes of journalism or a way to promote online stores. The very first blogs appeared simultaneously with the creation of the Internet. Creating the first sites, their founders regularly posted new notes and news on them – these were the prototypes of the first blogs.

Today blogging is a widespread social phenomenon, and blogging itself has been simplified thanks to the existence of special social networks focused on posting short notes, photos, and other content. The authors of blogs are called bloggers, and the general population of blogs is called the blogosphere.

Modern school children grew up during the formation and development of blogs, from video blogs on YouTube to the popular Instagram today. Growing up surrounded by the content of many blogs, they perceive this activity as an opportunity for a full and serious career. The blogosphere is becoming a life reference point for the younger generation, including laying down ideas about professions. At the same time, these ideas turn out to be not always realistic, forming a wrong idea about life and value orientations.

Programs for Creating Video from Photos as an Integral Part of Blogging

Programs for creating video from photos (video slideshows) are presented on the network in a fairly large number – both in the paid and free segments. Let’s consider the most popular and functional ones.

Movavi Slideshow is a powerful enough program for creating video slideshows from various types of media files, including photos, videos, and audio of different formats. Also, the application implements many functions that provide an increase in the visual appeal and presentability of the slideshow, including such features as:

  1. Blending transitions between images and videos.
  2. Overlay a variety of visual filters over images and videos.
  3. Overlay text in the form of titles, captions, callouts enclosed in graphic clouds (like in comics), tables, etc.
  4. Using a variety of graphic elements in the slideshow – stickers, geometric shapes, arrows, lines, etc.
  5. Apply your own animation to individual slideshow objects (images and videos) – shift, spread, fade, and many others.

ProShow Producer can be considered the giant among slideshow video software. A complete list of the application’s functionality will hardly fit into a short overview, so we will try to highlight the most significant points.

Create slideshows for every taste and color. As in the case of Movavi Slideshow, ProShow Producer allows you to use any kind of multimedia in your slideshow – video, audio, and images of various formats. Creating a video from a photo is the minimum that this product is capable of. In general, the functionality of ProShow Producer is so rich that the complexity of the created video slideshows depends only on the user’s imagination. And if one is not available, then you can always use one of the many ready-made templates that allow you to prepare a colorful slideshow in just a few minutes.