How to Configure Automatic Data Collection

Automatic Data Collection

Details of your website visits, such as traffic statistics, search results, time spent on each page, information regarding the pages you view and/or navigate, cookies used for personalized services and shopping carts, and personal information you enter and submit, may include personal information. You may also be able to automatically capture user demographic data. Certain automatic data collection software may be able to automatically obtain behavioral information, which may include age and gender. Your business may use data about what types of advertisements appear on your website to help improve its marketing strategy.


Automatic Data Collection and Marketing

You can collect data about your visitors without their consent. If you have a Web site that collects contact information, which may include names and email addresses, you can automatically obtain this information through an automatic data collection tool. You can also use this capability to send marketing communications to your customers on a regular basis. You can also use these marketing tools to help you build a mailing list, which may enable you to send emails to potential customers on a regular basis, as well as to build a relationship with your customers. You may also be able to use automatic data collection features to send mass email invitations to your customers to upcoming events or special offerings, or sample products, which your customers might be interested in purchasing.

Cookie Usage

Certain cookies also called „third-party cookies“, are installed on your browser, as well as on the computers of certain website visitors. These cookies allow certain information to be automatically collected by the automatic data collection tools on your website. Some cookies collect name and address information from each visit, while others collect data for other purposes. Regardless of what type of cookie is used, you are aware of the fact that you have given permission for the data to be collected.

JavaScript Error Messages

When a JavaScript error message is displayed in your browser, such as „JavaScript not supported“, this means that your Internet connection is either not compatible with the JavaScript libraries that have been installed on your computer, or your Internet browser does not support the JavaScript libraries at all. To solve this problem, some automatic data collection tools will prompt you to download and install the correct JavaScript libraries. Some browsers do support only the older versions of the JavaScript libraries, which will prevent you from being able to use many of the features available with the newest versions of the JavaScript libraries. In this case, you may also need to configure your Internet browser in order to read certain information using JavaScript programs.

Use Cookies to Store Information

One of the purposes of cookies is to enable the automatic data collection tools to store certain information on your Internet browser. Certain virtual data room providers policies specify that the use of cookies must be restricted to particular websites. For instance, if you visit a certain site and you do not want to view any information provided on that site, you will need to configure your browser so that it does not store this information. In cases where this is a frequently used feature of your Internet browser, it may be worthwhile to look into the cookie policy setting so that you can set up your Internet browser in such a way that it will use cookies for security purposes only.

Configure Your Privacy Policy

Policies concerning the collection of personal data may provide the means by which Internet users can restrict the automatic data collection tools on their computers. This allows you to specify certain fields that will be automatically collected, as well as the data sets that will be stored and how they will be used. Some of these policies may also allow you to reject cookies that have been previously collected. However, there may be some cookie settings that will prevent certain kinds of data from being collected by any automatic data collection tool, so before you choose a cookie policy, you will need to make sure that any data that would be automatically collected by the Internet tracking software is allowed to be rejected.

Disallow Automatic Browsing

Certain Internet browsers may automatically allow the automatic collection of certain kinds of information based on certain usage patterns. Although some Internet browsers do not automatically gather web history or other data when first being installed, certain Internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, automatically collect tracking information on a „don’t go here“ basis whenever a new window is opened. Other browsers, such as Google Chrome, do not automatically collect personal data. To allow the automatic collection of certain types of information, you may need to configure your browser so that it displays a warning prior to the collection of personal data. This setting can be found by going to the about settings page and selecting the privacy guard tab.